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About RGM

What is RGM?

The Ronnie Gardiner Method (RGM) is a fun, structured, multi-sensory exercise method which activates many areas of the brain including sight, hearing, motor skills, speech, memory. 

The Ronnie Gardiner Method was developed by the American jazz drummer Ronnie Gardiner in the eighties of the last century. He intended to develop a method that could be used to help children in their musical and motor development. However, it soon became apparent that the method was very suitable for use for people with disorders of the central nervous system (CVA/NAH, Parkinson’s, MS and dementia).

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Who does RGM help?

Anyone suffering from conditions that cause neurological changes to aid rehabilitation or slow the progression of the disease e.g. Stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, and Dementia.

Useful for those suffering from concentration and learning difficulties e.g. ADHD, Dyslexia as well as stress, anxiety and/or depression.

RGM is a great cognitive exercise and as such aids healthy aging.

How does RGM help?

Motor skills
Multi tasking
Body awareness
Executive function

Where do I start?

RGM is a new movement in New Zealand with a growing number of practitioners nationwide that you can work with, find a practitioner in your area or get in contact with us to discuss your needs.

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