RGM class in action

RGM Success Stories


Here’s what some of the RGM participants from a recent course in Christchurch have to say:

RGM class with certificates

RGM raised my awareness for my lack of concentration, revealing to me how much I had given into it, having regarded it as a side-effect of ageing. I loved the RGM connection between mind and body and linking the exercises to music and the beat of music – (the beat of life, of nature, of the heart) is clever, straight forward and helpful.

- Victoria

RGM is so different to anything I have been to before. To learn something new was exciting and the teacher made us all feel relaxed and gave us confidence. We had so many laughs when we were making mistakes, and chuffed when we got it right! I am telling friends and family about the classes and will be back to enjoy a few more myself.

- Erin

I loved the gentle & fun companionship as I exercised my memory. Sometimes it all sounded a bit like the Kokatahi band from The West Coast!

- Annie